Python Tutorial: How to import data from files

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Is there a need for you to be quickly open files, and import the data into a data frame?

In this post and video on Python, we will look at several options for you to do this as well as some additional things to consider.

The import of files covered here is as follows:

  • Reading data from a CSV file.
  • Reading data from a TXT file.
  • Reading data from an XLSX file.

On importation there are many things to consider, here are a few to consider:

(A) The file format

(B) How the data looks within the file.

(C) Special requirements to get the data looking correct when loaded.

In this file importing example dealing with tab delimiters, headers and sorting are referenced.  Here are some different ways to approach it a little differently if you are looking for alternatives CSV File Reading and Writing

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