Data Analytics Ireland

Today, Data Analysis plays an integral role in helping business owners make informed decisions around their data processing options.

As the growth in the industry has evolved, there have been several knock-on effects regards the skills required:

    • Computer science students, Data scientists, need better reference materials.
    • Data processing and large amounts of raw data sets are produced daily, better tools and techniques are needed to understand them.
    • The industry’s career opportunities are vast; the need to access information quickly has become more important.
    • While there are no entry requirements to get into this area, understanding data analysis methods better have become an important skill for all practising analysts.

Based in Ireland, we are offering online learning through:

  • Easy to follow videos and blog posts.
  • We cover a wide range of topics from Data cleansing, to plotting bar charts, machine learning.
  • Also, areas like How to use matplotlib and import and export to excel and validate information imported are on the website.

The aim of establishing the website is to:

  • Support the programmer and data analysts to help them when their chosen analysis method.
  • There is something for every skill level; the types of data analysis when analyzing data should help improve productivity.
  • The main aim is to support the process of data collection and management of that data.
  • Whether full time or part-time programmer, the website will look to help you learn online at your pace.

The benefits that we aim to provide data analysts are as follows:

  • Solutions to reflect real-life situations you may encounter in work or college.
  • Whether you are learning python programming or R programming, the programming language added will give you a broader skillset.
  • You will see the full code working in a video with prompts to explain as we go along.
  • The addition of related videos will help expand the knowledge and skills of visitors to the website.

How to contact us!

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Final Thoughts

Our website offers you the opportunity to turn your data into meaningful insights by having:

  • Useful information that will help you have better data metrics and
  • Providing quality walkthroughs that will help you build better-advanced analytics.
  • Outside of the English language, you can also view the other languages we support in the top right-hand side of this page.