About Us

Data Analytics Ireland is an initiative to work on simple and complex coding questions and show them in action through videos uploaded to our youtube channel.

Based in Dublin Ireland it was founded by Data Analyst Joe Haugh, the objective is to provide easy to follow tutorials so that the concepts can be grasped quickly. A lot of the video content will try to show real-life examples.

As part of this process, we will look to show:

  • How you can approach coding scenarios in a number of different ways.
  • Learning that shows step by step how the code actually works.

The early stages of this project focused on tutorials, and as we have progressed, we will continue that theme but build on a series rather than individual videos so that users can take each video and progress to the next one.

Where possible, we will look to work with different tools to make sure

  1. That the output of the video is relevant.
  2. The learning from it is useful in a real-world scenario.

The tutorials can be used by anyone in academia, business, university to advance their knowledge.

Want to learn more about how this website started up and its history Learn more about Data Analytics Ireland