R tutorial – How to sort lists using rstudio

You are kidding me; we can sort lists!
Yes, we have managed to bring you the groundbreaking video that will help transform your project! This video is just an introductory view of how to complete a sort on a list, but all is not what it seems.

Couple of things to note:

  • Creating a list in Rstudio means its a list that is it.
  • You need to create a vector so that that a sort of the data can give you the desired outcome you need.

So using :

#create the list
print("Example 1")
list1 <- list(5,4,3,2,1,"a","b")
print(list1)#defaults to list order

will get you started, but there is more to this, read on.

How we got this sorted

As you will see in the below video, we have taken an initial list and converted it to a vector using the c() function in rstudio.

Some of the functions used to sort are as follows:

  • sort
  • sort.int

The video explains the ways to use these, and some of the caveats you should watch out for as well.



Leaving you with this final thought

This video has a python equivalent, so if you want to see how we completed it there, see this blog posting How to sort Python lists

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