how to pass data between functions

Python functions enhance productivity!
While working through a python programming language project, and looking to fix some code, I found some built-in functions will help to build cutting edge solutions and improve productivity. In fact, in most programming languages, they take out the hard work required in repetitive tasks to help quickly build code and reference a piece of logic that quickly gives back an answer.

Functions serve many purposes:

(A) They help in process input and returning output to the user, without the user having to do anything.

(B) Help automate repetitive tasks, one place to use the logic from anywhere in your code.

(C) The function body can help clearly code the output you desire, it will be easier to maintain and reference.

(D) The python syntax is easy to follow and well documented if you need support.

(E) These functions can also be integrated into any web applications.

Below is a video that will help to give an understanding of how to pass data between functions when trying to learn python:


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